Feature Fiction
written by Ken Zumstein & Dominik Locher
directed by Dominik Locher
produced by Dario Schoch & Rajko Jazbec

In co-production with
Zurich University of the Arts

When Jessy tells David she’s pregnant, he breaks out in panic. A few days later the two are assaulted in the city train, and when David realises he is unable to protect his girlfriend, his fears of inadequacy as a man take hold. Frantic, he resorts to steroids and begins with excessive strength training. Initially, the muscles give him self-confidence. Within a short time, however, David develops erratic behaviour and becomes a threat to Jessy and the unborn child.

After his debut in the award-winning gay-drama THE CIRCLE, Sven Schelker shines alongside German shooting star Jasna Fritzi Bauer in the second feature of Switzerlands promising new director Domink Locher.

Locarno Festival | International Competition | Switzerland | 2017