Feature Fiction – in production
written by Ken Zumstein & Dominik Locher
directed by Dominik Locher
produced by Dario Schoch & Rajko Jazbec

In co-production with
Zurich University of the Arts

After nuclear plant worker DAVID (24) and his pregnant girlfriend JESSY (22) are beaten up, David starts using steroids. But instead of being able to protect his girl and unborn baby, he is becoming a threat to them. When the amateur bodybuilder flips out and brutally beats her, she leaves him. Only when David abducts his newborn daughter from the hospital, he becomes aware of his maniac behavior.

After his debut in the award-winning gay-drama THE CIRCLE, Sven Schelker shines alongside German shooting star Jasna Fritzi Bauer in the second feature of Switzerlands most promising new director Domink Locher.