Work in Progress

ONCE WE WERE PITMEN by Christian J. Koch & Jonas Matauschek | CH/DE | Cinema Documentary | Financing
In times of society conflicts around climate change and gender identities, several miners embark on a tragic and humorous journey to begin a new chapter in their lives, triggered by the closure of their anachronistic place of work: The last underground coal mine in Germany.

50 MILES FROM BOOMTOWN written by Flo Baumann  |  CH/CA/USA | Feature Fiction – Drama/Romance | Script Development/Financing
After years of saving for her hard-earned dream, the only woman working on the fracking fields of North Dakota can finally quit but unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with the young man she’s training to take her place.

8 FROSCHFÄTZER written by Rolf Hellat  |  CH | Feature Fiction – Comedy/Drama | Script Development